A Woman of Prayer.

“I once believed I prayed with God, but now I know I exist in a prayer of God. ”



Who am I?

I’m a woman of prayer; in fact, everything I do is based upon prayer. I wait upon God to hear and receive what is on His heart before acting. I never seek to ‘do my own thing’ but rather to be available and diligent in allowing God to write His story upon my life and the lives of others. This is expressed through prayer assignments, which now characterise my life – I’m always on a prayer assignment!

In 2019, I founded the Stacey McIntosh Foundation to fulfil the vision that God has given me to help people who have been affected by similar situations as myself (the events of my life have been detailed in my testimony, Resurrection). The three avenues that currently encapsulate the heart of the Stacey McIntosh Foundation come from my present prayer assignments. While they are all at different stages, there is a practical side to them all. I invite you to join me on these ventures, knowing that what God has started, He will surely bring to completion.

God bless you. 


The Stacey McIntosh Foundation.

Stacey Mcintosh Foundation is a not-for-profit company. It has no shareholders entitled to receive a distribution of profits. Any profits, gains or assets may only be used for the purposes of the organisation’s principal activities, which include the establishment and support of safe refuges for those who have been the victims of exploitation, persecution or abuse, as well as the publication of faith-based books.


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