Light House.

A house with a view and a vision. Founded on the Rock, Jesus Christ. Providing safe passage during life’s darkest storms. Helping to provide safe passage to the other side!



A Long-term Vision.

Light House is a long-term vision that God has placed on my heart for anyone seeking shelter, protection, refuge and trauma care, particularly those who are removing themselves from vulnerable situations.

It will be a safe place where people can receive physical, emotional and spiritual support in their times of need. This emphasis on addressing the whole person will give individuals a real chance of walking free from their past and thriving in life, not merely surviving. The team at Light House will be committed to working and walking alongside individuals for as long as it takes.

Light House’s uniqueness lies in the fact that Jesus Christ will be at the centre of everything we do, and I am not willing to compromise this standard. Under the roof of Light House, Jesus is Lord, and everything will operate under His values and principles.


Light House Donation

I am currently planning, designing and saving for this venture, and I know that, in time, more than one Light House will be in existence. I realise that my commitment to houses that are uncompromisingly dedicated to Christ will mean that government funds are limited. Therefore, this is a believer’s project from start to finish.

If you believe in this venture, and would like to help, please carefully consider making a donation below.

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