• Jordan School Donation

    Thanks for your support.
    All of the pupils come from large families that are additionally supported through monthly food vouchers that are funded through private donations. These vouchers can then be redeemed for essentials, such as rice, oil and pasta. It is an absolute honour for me to be a part of this ministry through prayer and financial gifts. To join me in financially supporting The Messihi School, and making a donation, please click below.
  • Light House Donation

    Thanks for your support.
    I am currently planning, designing and saving for this venture, and I know that, in time, more than one Light House will be in existence. I realise that my commitment to houses that are uncompromisingly dedicated to Christ will mean that government funds are limited. Therefore, this is a believer’s project from start to finish. If you believe in this venture, and would like to help, please carefully consider making a donation below.
  • Before I even started writing, I knew that Resurrection would not be sold as other books are. Even then, I knew that I could not put a price on what God has freely given to me. And so, my testimony is free of charge. I personally pay for every copy that is printed. All I ask is that people pay for the post and packaging - please see below for shipping cost information. Just as God has brought healing to my life, I am certain that He will use Resurrection to do an equally mighty work in the lives of people who read it. If you would like to be part of this, please consider investing financially to cover the printing costs.

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